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Non-Operated Working Interest Calculator

Our Non-Operated Operated Working Interest Calculator for non-operated working interest oil and gas wells is for non-operated working interest partners.

Our calculator is the most comprehensive in the industry and accepts the following inputs for calculation:

  • Annual Decline Percentage
  • Gross Working Interest
  • Net Revenue Interest
  • Crude Oil Price
  • BOPD – Bbls of oil per day that the lease makes
  • Natural Gas Price MCF
  • Natural Gas MCF Per Day
  • Severance Tax Rate – Oil
  • Severance Tax Rate – Natural Gas
  • BWPD – Bbls of water per day that the lease makes
  • Water Disposal Cost per Bbl
  • Administrative Overhead
  • Pumper Charge
  • Monthly Electric Cost
  • Monthly Chemical Cost
  • Additional Expenses (custom calculated fields)
  • Custom projection timeline (in months) to calculate NMCF, including decline

Quickly produce PDF reports calculating productivity of oil and gas wells.

Use the Non-Operated WI Calculator

Non Operated WI Calculator output