Operated Working Interest Calculator - Adjustable Admin Overhead

Operated Working Interest Calculator – Adjustable Admin Overhead

Our Operated Working Interest Calculator for operated working interest oil and gas wells gives you the option to adjust the administrative overhead.

The administrative overhead – will be what you’re charging non-operated wi partners. This charge will be used to calculate the overhead income from non-operated working interest partners and will not be used as an expense. The administrative overhead – actual is the actual cost to you, this administrative overhead charge will be calculated as an expense. You can leave it zero if you don’t want to have the administrative overhead calculated as an expense.

Our calculator is the most comprehensive in the industry and accepts the following inputs for calculation:

  • Annual Decline Percentage
  • Gross Working Interest
  • Net Revenue Interest
  • Crude Oil Price
  • BOPD – Bbls of oil per day that the lease makes
  • Natural Gas Price MCF
  • Natural Gas MCF Per Day
  • Severance Tax Rate – Oil
  • Severance Tax Rate – Natural Gas
  • BWPD – Bbls of water per day that the lease makes
  • Water Disposal Cost per Bbl
  • Administrative Overhead – Charged to Non-Operated WI Partners
  • Full Administrative Overhead Charge
  • Pumper Charge
  • Monthly Electric Cost
  • Monthly Chemical Cost
  • Additional Expenses (custom calculated fields)
  • Custom projection timeline (in months) to calculate NMCF, including decline

Quickly produce PDF reports calculating productivity of oil and gas wells.

Use the Operated WI Calculator with Adjustable Admin Overhead

Operated WI Calculator output with adjustable overhead